MDF VS Hardwood Shutters?


Plantation shutters are growing in popularity in the UK and for good reason.  Not only do plantation shutters add curb appeal to properties, they also add value.  Then there is the added benefit of insulation from heat, cold and noise.

Plantation shutters need to withstand both heat and cold without warping therefore only hardwood or MDF are used.  This means that the price of production can be significantly higher if you choose hardwood, however, the lifespan and quality of finish will be far superior to MDF.

Weight Considerations

MDF is much heavier than hardwood which can cause issues with larger windows.  T supports will need to be used for larger windows if you choosing MDF.

Strength Consideration 

The grain in hardwood provides strength and prevents wobbling in larger fabrications such as doors.

Finish Options

Generally, MDF finish options are restricted to man mad plastic coatings which are easy to clean.  Hardwood shutters offer the same finishes but are sprayed with a high-quality coating which is has a nicer feel.  Furthermore, hardwood shutters can be stained for natural look and feel.


The difference in price can be significant however its possible to get hardwood shutters at the same price or cheaper than MDF.  To find out more about how M&M achieve this click here

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